Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Random thoughts on a Tuesday

It's less than 40 days until I go to Hawaii and the RSM is coming along very well. It'll be done by the time I pack and head west over the ocean. People have been asking for the pattern but I haven't been diligent enough in writing down what I've been doing. I may make another one for myself if I get ambitious. For now, this will be enough. It's for my Spirit Sister and that's what counts.

I didn't win the Knitting Curmudgeon's Fib contest. I couldn't go to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival because I'm not as rich as Martha Stewart. I could save some shekels and try for Rhinebeck but I'd rather fly to the Midwest and do a run to Knitting Camp after hitting Stitches Midwest in Chicago (with a night crashing at Franklin's Stitch n Bitch group followed by drinks and dancing with Dolores. Shut up Franklin this is my fantasy not yours. Go take your cowboy to your room.) How could I be as talented as Knitterguy and Wabisabi (knit lace for another twenty years)? Or Eunny? Knit and knit and knit some more. Wait for word from Amy Singer and Jillian Moreno as to whether the Fireside sweater, nee Olympic, was accepted for Big Girl Knits 2. Wait to hear from job prospects to pay for one's knitting because after a review of one's finances I find that I have to really juggle to pay for the inn I'm staying at next month (It'll work out. Really.) because I spent my money on yarn.

I'm tired. I'm going to bed. Sleep well, kiddies. Auntie Duffy's watching over you, planning all sorts of mischief for the next day.

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