Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It's nearly Rose Festival time

Rose Festival starts the first weekend of June in Portland Oregon. The weather has been good for the roses. A hot period there got things really growing. The rain cooled things down and gave all a good watering. Now we have a dose of warm weather to perk things up. My roses have loved it. The rain stopped long enough for rose pictures.

A rose with a marvelous scent: Prospero

I've lost the tag on this one, but I call her Princess.

Red Matador, my two-buck clearance climbing rose that has graced my garden for over 10 years.

A gift from my eldest sister: Joseph's Coat

And one of a pair of extra thorny roses that I've planted under my most accessable ground floor windows. I call them the Beasts. Very pretty security.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous roses; wonderful pictures.

Man, that Prospero is an amazing colour.