Sunday, May 02, 2010

Squee factor 6

Get ready for it.

It's gonna make you want to coo and squeal. Especially if you're female. Somehow there's a program we're born with that when we see something this small and cute our voices go up several octaves. In some cases so high only dogs can hear them.

There are few things so adorable. Frank Habit's Incredibly Adorable Niece(tm) Abigail is way up there. Hello Kitty items. Twenty-four hour old infants.


Baby Surprise Jacket for Baby Kipp

Laines du Nord Baby Star on size 2 needles

As you can see Buster had to inspect the work to make sure it was well done. I'm hoping that Baby Kipp isn't too large when he's born because the jacket is small. But he will come home from the hospital in style. I'm not one for baby cuteness but I can't help succumbing to that cute factor it exudes.

Making messes

Friday was the last day for a coworker so the office threw a breakfast potluck for her. I made hard boiled eggs for the occasion but rather than leave them plain I dug out the food coloring and vinegar and dyed the eggs. The leftover dye looked too fun to throw out so I experimented with some microwave dyeing on a skein of Pendleton wool I had lying around. Not all the colors took but those that did gave it a dusky rosy purplish cast with sections of blue and green. I can see this as the beginning of a very slippery slope if I want to go that direction. I have all the equipment except for a heat source in the basement. Hmm...