Friday, February 24, 2006

Tremors of Panic

I calculated the number of rows I have to do versus what I have done on the sleeves. 58 rows done. 80 rows to go, not counting the section of adding length to the sleeve. Two more Olympic days. Ew. Good thing I stocked up on movies. Some observations while I sat in a panic at work.

The endeavor seemed doable. I'm at the panic point. I switched from Balenes to Addi Turbos to speed things up and my arms are starting to ache, especially purling. Back to the Balenes.

The endeavor would have been easier if I had staff. Instead I took up the challenge as a solo. Like a skier from Bermuda doing the alpine ski jump without a coach.

Cats are not staff.

I lost a couple of evenings to exhaustion as my body readjusted itself to Pacific Time from Eastern Time. I'd call that a hurdle. Tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday are what's left of my knitting time. Goal for the end of today: have at least half the second set of increases done (8 rows of the first section, 24 of the second section, adding up to 32 rows on both sleeves). Coffee, Duchess of Duke Street, movies I've seen. Keep the cats at bay. Save eating lunch for while one is doing work instead of during lunch break.

I'm feeling a cold coming on. It didn't help that the office had the carpets cleaned and the ensuing dust raised from people shifting objects off the floor and cleaning their desks went straight into my lungs. They feel icky.

Food is overrated.

Obviously I'm letting this get to me. It's only a's only a sweater...

But a gold medal button from the Yarn Harlot would be so cooooool! What are you doing writing in your blog right now? You're working the muscles that you use to knit! Stop it!

It's ONLY a sweater!

Time for a break....

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