Monday, February 13, 2006

Knitlympics Day Four

A workday so not much knitting going on. I may knit tonight, depending on how I do. I had oral surgery last week and the area is tender, more so after I eat or talk too much. I had to resort to the more heavy duty drugs so I may end up sitting stoned in my chair while watching the Olympics.

This business with the Western media and how they're interpreting the riots going on in Muslim countries, neighborhoods, etc. I listen to the commentary and can't figure out why they don't understand why there is such a stink about the Danish cartoon portraying the Prophet Mohammed. In my mind it boils down to this: the Islamic faith prohibits any visual depiction of the Prophet. None. Not even in positive images or teaching materials. None. Period. Christianity doesn't have that prohibition; Jesus Christ is depicted everywhere from Bible illustrations to keychains, statues, and tattoos. A cartoon of Jesus doing something blasphemous would raise a stink, but depicting Mohammed is most definitely a no-no.

Tomorrow will be the last workday before I head east. It will be hard to stay focused. Wednesday is cleaning, preparing, and packing day. The hair will be done, the outfits chosen, and the packing list gone over once, again, and again. The perfect handbag will hold the essentials and the knitting bag will ride with me on the plane. I will have to go through my tools to make sure I don't carry anything that will have to be left behind. That would be a major boo hiss.


Deidre said...

Pack your warm clothes because it's cold here in the Northeast. And good luck at Carnegie Hall! Found your site through the QueerNet ring.

WesWhiner said...

Hope you have (are having?) a good trip, and hope your mouth recovers enough to enjoy the food in the frozen East.

colin said...

I agree with your comments re the cartoons. I still think it a missed opportuntiy tho that there were not world wide demonstrations by Muslims over 9/11 and 7/7.

Thanks for you comment on my blog. Yoiu are right undoing that damage is hard work.