Tuesday, February 07, 2006

50 Things About Me

I like the idea of having a list of things that describe me. I'll be frank: I love me and want the world to know about me. So there's the egotist in me. I found similar lists on QueerJoe's Knitting Blog and Franklin's Panopticon (they went to 100, but I'm sticking to 50 for now). If you get bored with my list, you can check out theirs. Or this.
1. I'm the seventh-born child of my father, the fifth of my mother. I have a half-sister and half-brother who are old enough to be my parents. They have children my age.
2. I'm a fifth-generation Oregonian and thirteenth-generation American. A distant relative traced our ancestry back to the Danes landing in Kent England in the turn of the second millenium. Another relative traced an ancestor's arrival from Wales to the US.
3. I have naturally wavy dark brown hair with red highlights.
4. My paternal grandmother had naturally curly red hair.
5. My maternal grandfather and my maternal uncles died from colon cancer. My mother died of cancer of the kidney that spread to her bones.
6. My father was an alcoholic and died of Alzheimer's disease.
7. I am not an alcoholic but I am addicted to food.
8. I am 5'3" tall and weigh over 250 pounds.
9. I have been overweight all my life.
10. I am a Gemini with Leo Rising and Scorpio Moon. My being Gemini indicates that I'm a good communicator, but that's not always true. I'm more prone to having ideas flitting through my head at breakneck speed and wanting to know what's going on with everybody. My Leo is very strong: I love to perform and create. I'm also very emotional and will cry at weddings.
11. I have three cats.
12. I have had a cat in my life every day except for a month when I was 6 years old and during the months I was at college.
13. I have a bachelor's degree in business from Linfield College.
14. My first job was as a bag boy (official name courtesy clerk) at my mom's favorite grocery store, Kienow's Food Stores, which is no longer in existence. I worked there 5 years.
15. My first worker's comp injury was carpal tunnel syndrome from working the cash register 40 hours a week.
16. My second worker's comp injury was pulling my back from lifting 50 pounds of cat litter wrong.
17. I buy 50 pounds of cat litter a month.
18. I am an omnivore.
19. I don't like oysters, liver, cauliflower, parsnips, eggplant, or cooked green peppers.
20. My favorite food is homemade macaroni and cheese.
21. My favorite vegetable is the cucumber.
22. My favorite fruit is the peach.
23. My favorite meat is a T-bone beefsteak.
24. My favorite intoxicant is tequila.
25. I was a second-hand smoker for 25 years.
26. I own my house.
27. I own a VW New Beetle.
28. I learned how to knit in college.
29. I stopped knitting 6 years later.
30. I started knitting again October 2002.
31. My favorite fiber is wool.
32. I'm allergic to mohair.
33. I came out as a lesbian in 1994.
34. I came out as bisexual in 2002.
35. I've had only one true relationship and that was with a woman.
36. I've written 3 novels but published none.
37. I've invented a language.
38. My favorite dream is flying without being in an airplane.
39. In my first election, I voted for John Anderson. I have missed only 5 elections since.
40. I wear size 7 1/2 D shoes.
41. I have been wearing glasses since the 6th grade.
42. I had a crush on my 7th grade math teacher.
43. I've been singing since February 2000. Before that, my last public singing performance was with the 6th grade chorus.
44. I played piano for 6 years as a child.
45. I own over 500 CDs.
46. My favorite group in high school was Queen. My favorite group now is the Beatles.
47. My eyes are dark brown.
48. I had my first grey hair at 26.
49. My parents died when I was 26.
50. I'm an aunt to 13 nieces and nephews, great-aunt to 17, and great-grand aunt to 5. But not a mother.

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