Saturday, February 25, 2006

Knitlympics Day Eight - NYC Day Three

We're on the home stretch! Our goal was met and then some, setting us up for the final knitathon of the sleeves at the shop. We're fighting the aftereffects of an asthma attack. Getting out into the fresh air and a less dusty environment will help that immensely. In the meantime, we continue with our jaunt to NYC

The early retirement to bed did the trick. I was able to get a full night's sleep, which improved my mood immensely. Rehearsal was in the morning, a runthrough complete with narrators and soloists to polish us up even more. My voice was tired afterwards, but I had energy to pursue my newfound quest to find a leather coat.

When we arrived in New York City Thursday, the temperatures were in the balmy 40's and 50's F. This morning they were in the teens. Some streets were okay to walk in but others had the wind blowing great guns, threatening to freeze me into a Duffycicle that could barely squeak. I had brought along my DNA scarf just in case and it kept the wind from stealing my voice.

My goal was to reach Macy's and see if they had any leather coats. When I got there, I was impressed by the store's size, but more amazed that they still had wooden escalators on the upper floors. They were the ones that had the claws at the top and bottom to clear the grooves of the steps. Stepping over them was a challenge. My excursion came up fruitless, however. No leather coats. The girlie in me liked the vinyl bags but didn't pick one up then. Bad move.

When I went out on 34th street to brave the wind, I spotted a leather shop. Joy! I tromped over there and found myself in the most helpful hands of a gentleman who promptly started helping me try on leather blazers. I have broad shoulders, a broad belly, not much tit, and a broad back. It took a while to find the right coat to fit me properly. It was a beautiful experience being surrounded with all that leather...mmmmmmmm.....

I started on the sleeve shaping of the front of the Olympic sweater and knitted furiously through the evening. Tomorrow is the performance, so rest was important for the rest of the day. I didn't get to see Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or any other attractions, but I have my leather coat. I am pleased.

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