Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Preparing for Torino

The Knitting Olympics start Friday. I am so ready to start knitting on my Rowanspun sweater. The yarn is wound, the needles are free of other projects, the pattern is written and ready, and the time is planned. There are a few rules I plan to follow while doing this so that I don't end up with major tendonitis. You may find them handy.
1. If it hurts, stop. Massage the arms and shoulders. Step away from the needles and do something that doesn't require your arms and hands.
2. Take 10 minute breaks every 30 minutes when doing knitting for long periods.
3. Eat well. Drink plenty of fluids.
4. Keep your glasses on to avoid eyestrain. This one may sound weird but my eyes have reached a point where I'm thiiiiiiiiis close to getting bifocals. The narrow lens fashion specs have not made it easy for me to do close work. However, when I take them off to see, I can't see close at all for some time. So I want to avoid eyestrain.
5. This is not a competition; it's a joint project. If you don't make it, don't sweat it.
6. No cats on the lap while knitting to avoid shoulder strain. (This one's gonna be hard when I'm home.)
7. If tendonitis starts to flare up, stop. Period. See item 5.
My choir friends will have to be used to seeing me knitting while we're in New York City for our Carnegie Hall performance. I've knitted while walking before (I knitted a Bag O'Plenty while marching in the Portland Dyke Parade three years ago). Purling may be a little tricky, but I'm up for the challenge. I can see me now knitting my sweater in the Metropolitan Museum of Art while viewing the exhibits.

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