Friday, February 10, 2006

Knitlympics Day One

Rules state: cast on not allowed until the agreed upon time of 2:00 pm regardless of time zone.

Reality state: the source of yarn fundage requires that I take my break at 3:00 pm.

There are other diversions that take my mind away from today's start, but I count the minutes to 3:00. I dash to the break room and start casting on for the back. One hundred six stitches on size 7 needles using the long tail cast on. I finish the cast on and a row and a half during break. My car is at the mechanic's so I plan to ride the MAX train there, but a fellow worker offers me a ride. I finish purling my row and do a row of the picot edge. After forking out for my baby I go to a nearby fabric store and pick up the zipper for the cardigan. I don't have EXACTLY what I want, which is a copper zipper with a nice pull, but I have a good heavy duty YKK zipper in grey that will nestle out of sight in the place of the steek that I will put in the front.

Will settle down tonight with knitting in hand to watch "The Duchess of Duke Street" as the opening ceremonies don't really interest me.

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