Monday, February 13, 2006

Knitlympics Day Three

The Carnegie Hall jitters are growing. Sunday was the last rehearsal. We're rough but hopefully the rehearsals we have in NYC will solidify our sound. We're all excited about the trip and a little worried about the weather (they had a nor'easter this weekend that dumped a foot or more of snow along the coast). But there are good signs. A fellow chorister sold me a used Coach handbag that was exactly what I've been looking for. She got some spending money in the process. I'm up to the armhole shaping on the back. I'm making very good progress so far. I'm trying not to push myself too hard and injure myself. The tendonitis was not completely healed so it's been flaring up. Judicious massage of my arms and shoulders have kept it in check.

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JoVE said...

The sweater is looking pretty (well the colour looks good on my monitor, anyway). The trip sounds exciting. Hope it all goes well.