Thursday, February 09, 2006

One more day to go!

The Oregonian published an article in their Living section yesterday morning about the Knitting Olympics. I had a head's up on it so got my own issue, but I've already had one coworker come up with a copy. I'm not a closet knitter; I'm very much out and proud of my knitting. I haven't been silent about being part of the Knitting Olympics either as a member of Team Wales. Why did I join Team Wales?
1. I'm part Welsh.
2. Cool red dragon on the flag.
3. I'm fond of male voice choirs.
4. I know what a leek is and have enjoyed them.
5. I know what currants are and have enjoyed them (they're tasty in scones.)
6. The co-captain is a fellow lister and former Portlander.
The Yarn Harlot says there's over 3300 participants. Some local yarn shops are giving out medals to participants but I feel that's not really intended in the spirit of the thing. You're challenging yourself, not each other, to do this. That's reward enough.I'm doing down time today from the needles. I worked on a hat to match my giganto-scarf for New York and ended up with sore muscles and a right hand that ached so much that it woke me up an hour before my alarm was to go off. I've been knitting daily for a while. Time for a break.
I read some more of Franklin's 100 Things and feel very inferior. Not me as a person, but for my writing. I'll put out more interesting things.
I couldn't sleep last night. My mind was whirling with memories of my last trip to NYC and the things I want to see. I can't believe that in a week I'll be on my way there.

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