Saturday, February 11, 2006

Knitlympics Day Two

I ended up watching the opening ceremonies last night as I was working on my sweater. Would someone please tell NBC's head of camera shots that if you're going to show something that is designed to be seen as a whole and is done on a platform that's as big as a football field that it's much more effective and enjoyable for the viewer if you don't do FIFTY BAZILLION CLOSE-UPS!!! Ok. Cow over.

Speaking of cows, how about those cow ballroom dancing outfits, hey? I don't think I'll be seeing those on PBS during the ballroom dancing competitions soon. But I have to say the Italians really tried to make the opening ceremonies spectacular. The dancers showing the beating heart and the ski jumper were really cool. I can't imagine how many hours they had to practice those moves. "Left. Left. I said LEFT! Now right! Up! Down! Bring out the blue fabric and run like hell! Run! RUN! Oh Christ...."

Six inches done on the back of the sweater. Some was done while I was at my group's rehearsal for the Carnegie Hall concert. Some was done on the way home. Some was done last night. Some will be done tonight. The tennis balls will come out and be utilized on my shoulders, and I'll be massaging my arms at the critical points where the muscles like to stay tensed up. It's a good beginning. I have to have 16 inches done before I start doing my armhole shaping.

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