Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Knitlympics Day Five

The day flew by thankfully. I spent most of it training someone on the system they'll be using instead of the old system. This morning I had the Percocet sleepies and was falling asleep at my desk. Not a good thing. Tomorrow I get to clean clothes, clean my kitchen, and pack for New York. Between dish and clothing loads I'll get to knit. I'm three inches from the last armhole decreases; eight more to go before I start the shoulder shaping.
I got a nice ecard from one of my college buds and her family. No flowers, some candy from my coworkers, and a couple of paper cards. I sent one to Reid. The more I learn about him, the more he amazes me. We have marvelous conversations to and from chorus about politics, religion, people in general, past choir experiences (we sang in the Portland Lesbian Choir but he was gone when I joined), and cats. You can read about him here.

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