Thursday, February 09, 2006

25 more things about me

I got to thinking about the 50 things and they're kind of blah to read. Sure some are very much to the point but do they really say much about me? So here's some more.

51. Of the cities I've been to, which aren't many, the one I would like to see again is Montreal. I also want to return to San Francisco, Washington DC and New York City. I have no desire whatsoever to return to Los Angeles.

52. Of the cities I've seen but never been to, I would like to visit Edinburgh or Heidelburg or Stockholm. I have no desire to visit Mexico City or Calcutta or Taipei.

53. I went to Yellowstone Park and outside of the geysers it looked a lot like the drier forests of Oregon. I'm not sure I would want to go back again.

54. The non-urban place I would visit again and again is the Oregon Coast. I would like to return to Yosemite and Banff National Park and visit Glacier National Park.

55. My favorite means of transportation is the airplane. It's very disappointing that it has been turned into a travel method so potentially annoying (add one crying child). It's always so magical to me that this vehicle of thousands of pounds can get off the ground at all.

56. Unless my life is dependent upon it, I will not step onto a Greyhound bus again in my life. They don't call it "riding the dog" for nothing.

57. The longest road trip I've taken was to Ridgecrest California. I went down I-5 through Oregon and cut over to the California coast at Cave Junction, driving along Highway 1 to Boonville and going into San Francisco to stay with my best friend from college a couple of days. From there I crossed over through Yosemite Pass and down the back side of the Sierra Nevada to Ridgecrest. It was a beautiful drive with lots of interesting scenery. The most breathtaking point was seeing the moon rise over the desert.

58. My favorite color is red. I prefer to wear rich colors with black as the neutral.

59. Shopping for clothes is both a dream and a nightmare. I love to spend money but it's a bitch to find anything that I find attractive on my body. My dream body would be clad in black leather: corset, pants, armlength gloves, Doc Marten boots.

60. To have my dream body, I would need to lose 90 pounds.

61. If I were to relive my childhood, I would be more assertive and beaten up the bullies that tormented me in the 7th grade.

62. I am happier now than I was 20 years ago.

63. Other fiber-related hobbies I've done are quilting, clothing construction, beadwork, and crochet. I've also done collage, painting, plaster mask-making, and pottery. My favorite non-fiber piece I've done is a deck of tarot cards.

64. The oldest memory I have is standing in my crib and crying. I was sick with the measles, as were my younger sister and middle brother. I shared my bedroom with my sister at the time. I remember seeing the RCA black and white set that was usually in Mom and Dad's room set up for my sister to watch while she was recovering. I was probably 1 or 2 years old.

65. The most disturbing dream I have had occurred a few months after my mother's death. I had not fully realized that she was gone until I had a dream where she and I were doing the things that we loved to do: shop in antique stores, drive around town, sit and eat lunch together. When I told her I would come by to pick her up again the next day, she told me that I couldn't because she was dead. I woke up and cried for some time. The next most disturbing dream I had occurred 2 weeks after the World Trade Center attacks in 2001. I dreamed that the house I grew up in was on fire and everything that I held precious to me was going up in flames. I later learned that other people had had similar dreams during that time.

66. I usually dream in color and remember my dreams.

67. I wanted to be a writer when I grew up but was too insecure to pursue it as a career.

68. My favorite season is autumn, especially when the nights get really cold. My least favorite season is summer.

69. I enjoy working on computers and have considered a career in them but opted not to pursue it as at the time the market was flooded with out of work computer geeks. I know enough to get myself out of trouble in most instances and enough to know when to call in my computer guru to fix it.

70. I know how to use basic household tools and have done home repairs without fear. My mother taught me most of what to do. The most complex thing I've done is install ceiling light/fan fixtures.

71. I live in a haunted house. I believe the ghost is the father of the woman who used to own the house. Her grandmother had owned the house before her and her father was a carpenter. He visited me while I was painting the house interior before moving in and has visited friends and family who have stayed the night, appearing as a bright green floating head with white hair. The first year I had some problems with my answering machine and doorbell but after that I had no problems. He hasn't been seen in several years.

72. My house will celebrate its 100th year in 2013.

73. I composed my first song at 14. It's unpublished. It was a theme song to go with a story I was writing at the time.

74. When I write a story, I usually associate music with it. I have soundtracks for most of my longer writings. Earlier soundtracks used rock songs; my most recent soundtrack uses a lot of ambient, world and new age tracks. To this day when I play that soundtrack, it triggers memories and emotions related to the works I was writing at that time.

75. I have a hard time choosing a favorite classical composer because several convey different emotions within me. If I had to choose 5, they would be Beethoven, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, J.S. Bach, and Gershwin.

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