Saturday, August 30, 2008

A breath of autumn

The summer's been cooler than most for this area. This weekend gave a taste of the coming fall with a crisp morning and relatively cool day. A good day for being at the state fair.

Last weekend the booth was a bit bare and there weren't very many people showing interest. This time we had goods up the wazoo, volunteer spinners and knitters, and lots of interest from the fairgoers.

Today not only did we have Judy and Audrey but also Pat Kight and Lorraine from the PDX Knitbloggers. Pat brought an armload of lace shawls and scarves to display and was working on a stole from Victorian Knitted Lace. Lorraine brought her wheel and worked on cashmere roving from Tanglewood Fibers. The fairgoers got to see three spinners and two knitters working on their projects. Pat demonstrated her lacework and Judy worked on her socks. The Kauni sweater lay idle while I worked on Bright Red Bug fiber from Sharon.

Kauni progress

The Kauni continues with the first sleeve. It's nice to be working on 130 stitches per round instead of 500+.


Jeanne said...

God, I love how that Kauni colorway does that! Your knitting is lovely. It's been cooler out here in the Midwest, too. Barely any blisteringly hot humid days--not that I'm complaining! :-)

MonicaPDX said...

Great fair photos! Yay for everyone who made it, and for stuff to show. Love your Kauni. It's absolutely beautiful!

Jennie said...

Wow, that last pattern on the yoke is so GORGEOUS. Love it!

Glad you had a great turnout for the fair this weekend!

Sharon said...

The color patterning of your sweater is just breathtaking!