Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Olympian was spotted off the course

On the last day of Ravelympics, Fiberqat of Team Abundant was not seen at the venue of WIP Wrestling. Staff and coaches searched high and low but she was not found in the usual haunts. Rumors were heard that in the middle of a row she had stood up and screamed, "I can't take this anymore!" and flung the sweater into the Willamette River. No signs of the sweater were found on the shoreline, however. Eagle eyed spotters found the errant competitor at the Oregon State Fair but not with her knitting in her hands.

Per Audrey Sinner of the NW Regional Spinners, Fiberqat arrived with her spinning wheel, Goody Baynes, and her knitting therapist Judy for rehabilitiation at the Oregon State Fair. "It was good to step away from the Kauni," said Fiberqat. "My hands were getting so sore and my arms just ached. Tomorrow I'll go back to the sweater, but today -- today, I just wanted to sit and spin."

Judy, while not taken with the spinning virus and working on her antiviral socks to ward off any potential infection, was sympathetic to Fiberqat's situation. "It's a beautiful sweater but a lot of hard work. It's asking a lot to expect someone to crank out something with so many stitches in a short time. She deserved the break. And when she's done here, she will return to the sweater at Stitch n Pitch."

Fiberqat sends her apologies to Team Abundant. "I caved in. I was so close to the end of the yoke. I even made an adjustment to the chart when I found I was at the 13 inches of raglan measure. But on Friday I could not face doing 10 more rows of colorwork while watching yet another episode of beach volleyball. Instead I packed my spinning gear and watched X-Men. The fair called to me. And I made some lovely fingering weight singles from StitchJones fiber. It's not like I went out and worked in the yard or something."

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