Sunday, August 10, 2008

The last of the long trips for now

Thursday I went south to Klamath Falls to attend my youngest niece's wedding. It was a very nice gathering held on the side of a hill overlooking Mt Shasta and the lower Cascades. The smoke from forest fires obscured the view of Shasta but it was still a pretty view. The reception was held in town. It was our opportunity for family to get together for a reunion and catch up with each other. It's the last big trip for the year; everything else from here will be day trips, which will be nice for a change. I like visiting new places, but I'm ready to be ending my daytime adventures with falling asleep in my own bed.


Friday was the start of the Ravelympics, knitting project challenges that are being done during the Olympics. At first I thought I wouldn't be participating in it, but changed my mind a couple of weeks ago. I've decided to work on the Kauni sweater and try to finish it. So far I've worked an inch on the yoke and encountered a yarn graft that made one of the color changes longer than expected. I had to take out several yards of yarn and will probably use it for the collar. The sock pattern I was working on has been put on hold in the meantime. And if I think that it's not possible to knit a sweater in two weeks I have the Olympic sweater from 2006 to look back on.

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Jennie said...

Lovely site for a wedding. I hope you had fun.

So... what is the pattern for the Kauni? Are you making it up? And how do you know the length of a repeat enough so that you can remove the part of the graft that's making the color repeat so long?

Are there enough questions in this comment?