Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This time of year every 4 years you see it: sufferers of OSD. The victims wander the halls in search of stimulants, occasionally bumping into the walls and muttering "The judging wasn't fair. She should have gotten more than 15.1 for that routine." Bleary-eyed and semicoherent, the victims congregate with each other. "Did you see that part where she fell off the beam?" "I swear they're not sixteen years old." "That gal from Zimbabwe -- what a swimmer!" "What's Michael's count now?"

If you see a victim of OSD, also known as Olympics sleep deprivation, be kind. Give them an extra shot of espresso and a consoling shoulder pat. They're watching history being made while you slumber.

Ravelympic Progress

The sweater yoke is slowing growing. Between stitching stints I'm looking for a pattern for the body of the sweater. I have several resources I'm looking at: George Bain, Norsk Strikkedesign, Alice Starmore. I'm leaning toward the body pattern from this. I'm also looking at a pattern to finish the yoke but have yet decided what to do. Yes I'm knitting the sweater on the fly. Most of the yoke pattern was already worked out and the numbers are all calculated. Think of me as the plucky little country with one Olympian duking it out with the big boys.

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Jennie said...

I love that Strikkedesign image--so beautiful.

I was thinking, maybe you could have the body plain, but then duh, you are using two strands! So, at least a simple design it is.

Go, go, Duffyville!