Friday, August 22, 2008


The building across from the office is being torn down and slowly recycled. Trees and wood are getting ground up, steel is being hauled off to be remade, and bricks are being stacked to be cleaned and used again. While the demolition crew has tried to keep the dust and particulates down from all the machinery gnashing, there's still crud in the air. I didn't think it would affect me, but today I noticed it particularly. It won't help that crews will be doing construction in another section of the same floor. So I'll have to be extra careful with my asthma.

Tomorrow morning I and Judy will be at the Artisans Village at the Oregon State Fair. I'll be demonstrating spinning while Judy's demo'ing knitting. The weather promises to be nice, so come on down to Salem if you're in the area. Goody Baynes will be getting a workout.

I had a little extra from paying off a bunch of bills so I went to Knit Purl to pick up one more skein of the Kauni for the body. I want to be able to match the color when it ends on the yoke so that it continues its merry way along the sleeves and body, but at the rate I'm going I don't know if I have enough yarn. The ladies at Knit Purl were thrilled to see the sweater and insisted on a picture for their blog, so I relented. It'll be a riot of color as I'm wearing my Hawaiian shirt while holding the Kauni sweater up over me. In case you're wondering, the bottom part where my fingers are is a portion of the last border pattern. Once I'm through that and knit the triangle edging, I'll be done with the yoke. Most likely during Stitch n Pitch on Sunday. Go Beavers!

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