Sunday, August 24, 2008

Play ball!

It was a pleasant Sunday here in River City. It was overcast with the temperature in the high seventies, a slight breeze blowing through the stadium, a joyous crowd excited to see the local boys play ball. And a few knitters.

The turnout was a little slim for the Beavers/Tacoma game, but we knew who we were. We were able to get the camera for the exploding screen to show us with our goods. The Beavers didn't win, but people didn't mind. It was a fun game to watch on a pleasant summer day.

Karen of the PDX Knitbloggers came with her project, the One Row Scarf from the Yarn Harlot. We had fun cheering on the team and people watching. One family had its hands full with a couple of young boys while another behind us was grandpa explaining baseball to his grandson at his first baseball game. Everybody say, "Awwwwww....."

I finished the yoke at last in the bottom of the seventh inning and divided the stitches up for the sleeves and body. The next step will be doing the sleeves first. I can fudge the colors on the body but the sleeves have to match. It got a lot of attention. I also won a raffle there at the park and got a free Beavers baseball cap. Just right for the next game.


Jennie said...

Very cool! I'm getting excited for our local S&P. I just blogged it.

What is the design at the lower edge? It's so gorgeous. I bet it feels great to be reaching the end of the yoke, though.

Melissa said...

Hey! That's my friend Gaby in the picture above, with the long dark hair!
Funny. I hope you had a good time.