Saturday, August 16, 2008

Marathon Day

The week has been productive with the Kauni sweater. I figured out the last parts of the charting, confirmed my numbers for the sleeve decreases and body stitch counts, and knitted a healthy chunk of the yoke. I had a moment of doubt on part of the pattern but the folks at Wednesday night's sip n stitch assured me it was fine, saving me from ripping out about 20 rows.

We've been having a brief heat wave through the area, not very conducive to knitting. Between that and staying up to watch the Olympics, I haven't been sleeping too well. This weekend will be catch up time. It will also be good for the cats as they go in and out of the house, first into the heat, then back in to cool off and so forth.


flying fish said...

Beautiful! I need some of that yarn for my next project, I love the effect.

Jennie said...

I love it! I especially love the colors it's meandering into in those pics. Just figured out (as I am a bit slow apparently!) that the people are holding hands with the color-swap other people. Dang, there is a word for that, but it is not here at the moment.)

How much did you get done on Sunday?