Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The wearing o'the pink

Lest we forget there were others who suffered persecution at the hands of their government because they were "deviant". I call for a day of the Pink Triangle as a day of protest against the Religious Right before they become the Fascist Right.

Lace temptations

Even though my birthday isn't until the 15th, I received a lovely gift of laceweight cashmere/silk blended yarn from Emily in the UK. She's so sweet! Thank you Emily!!

But it will have to wait. I've broken out the Blue Heron and the Rose Trellis Shawl pattern. Oooh pretty pretty!!

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Tallguy said...

How great are those Geminians?!! The Harlot has a birthday on the 14th. You're in good company! And everyone knows that Geminis are the nicest, friendliest, openist, bestest people around! The 15th is about the most perfect of all days -- if you are going to have a birthday! hehehe