Monday, June 05, 2006

I am not a criminal

I don't even play one on TV. I'm talking about Bush's expression of the need for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Instead of dealing with current domestic issues like the incredible increase of gas prices over the last two years, the efforts to control Internet content (see this), or the cutback of funds toward law enforcement and local services while giving tax breaks to those who don't need them, our fearless leader is spreading the fear of homosexuality to the masses.

Now I ask you what is the danger of two people of the same sex who are in a monogamous relationship sealing that commitment with a contract that provides the same financial gains as two of the opposite sex? I have no problem with people who don't want to condone a same-sex marriage in a church because of their faith. I have a problem with denying the right to a contracted agreement as defined by financial institutions. You don't want gay marriage? Then do away with filing joint taxes. Take the estate laws that give preference to a spouse of the opposite sex off the books. Alter the custodial laws that give preferential treatment to genetics instead of time spent in raising the child. If I choose to marry a man, I am guaranteed that my spouse will inherit my estate, be accepted as the custodian of my child in the case of death or divorce, and have the right to make decisions on my behalf in case I'm unable to make them regarding my health care and finances. That would not be true if my spouse was a woman.

If you are a fiscal conservative Republican, take back your party from the social conservatives. This is not the party of thirty years ago. I grew up with fiscal conservative Republicans. They werent' this way. I became a Democrat and refuse to be a Republican while the religious Right has control of the party. But I'm a fiscal conservative. Since the current administration took control of the White House, the US economy compared to the rest of the world has gone to hell. And we're paying for it now. You think gas is high? Wait until those petroleum prices travel up the chain to food, clothing, and basic amenities. And all those imports we're getting from China thanks to our dollar's value going down the toilet.

Yep, I'm really pissed off. And I'll probably end up with a file if I don't already have one somewhere. After I send a few letters to Congressmen, I'm going to go knit. I'm not a terrorist nor are my friends.


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While I was hunting for a zipper for my toothbrush bag, I came across this little prize. My grandmother knitted this edging for a pillowcase and my mother saved it when the pillowcase wore out. It was a little stained from age, but I cleaned it gently first with Dawn then rinsed it in a vinegar rinse. That's a nickel there beside it. It's cotton, probably done on size 000 needles. And so perfect!

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