Sunday, June 04, 2006

It's a lovely Sunday morning and the last thing I want to do is tackle the pile of dishes in my kitchen. But when you're out of clean spoons, it's time to do the dishes around here. Ick. At least my neighbor got my lawn done so that the dandelions won't be blooming.


I've had a number of comments appear recently. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback on the stranding work entry. I tried to make it as clear as I could without having to build a bunch of diagrams. I promise I will follow up with an exercise once I build the charts for those. JoVE mentions this as a source for knitter's graph paper. There's a link to the .pdf file you can download and print out for your own doodlings. So get out your crayons kids!

Leigh commented on the uses of glucosomine/ chondroitin/ MSM supplements for rebuilding cartilage. I was initially skeptical at first but I found that the gluco/chondro combination was the most effective in keeping my joints fluid. It's staved off surgery a couple of years, so I consider it efficacious for my particular condition.

Ted, I've decided to go ahead and use the Blue Heron for the Rose Trellis shawl. Thank you for your support and encouragement; it means a lot to me. I don't know if I'll ever do something like the Princess shawl (unless it's for my wedding), but the encouragement from you and our fellow GLBT Knitlisters ensures that I'll continue to take on challenges to further my knitting skills. Smoochies!!

Kitty Carnage

Buster, aka Studboy, decided to gift me with a dead sparrow this morning. At least it was in one piece, not like the last gift he gave me. He doesn't do this often, thank goodness. He's already got one couple up the street annoyed with his lurking by their bird feeders. I caught him going after pigeons on a roof a month ago. One time he stalked a crow. It's why I put fifty bells on his collar.

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Tallguy said...

Buster is only showing you that he is doing his job, he is not a free-loader! He only brings his catches to those very few special and worthy people! He is indeed a treasure.