Friday, June 09, 2006


Tonight Confluence Chorus is singing at the UU Congregation of Corvallis, so I'm leaving work early, hitching up with Reid, picking up programs and heading south. I'm just a little superstitious so I hope the burn I acquired from a spilled mocha this morning isn't an indication of how the day will be. We'll go to the church and sing, then spend the night at Sam and Clark's in Albany where tomorrow we'll have a lovely breakfast and a few rounds of pinochle before we go sing at Chemeketa Community College in Salem that evening. If I'm up early I'll have some quiet time for working a few rows of the Rosebud Trellis shawl and starting a baby hat to go with the sweater.

Since the brouhaha earlier this week over the proposed amendment banning gay marriage, this concert's music has acquired more meaning to me. The songs are based on a theme of the many voices of our community. There are voices of song, voices of generations, voices of the dispossessed, voices of the oppressed, voices of solidarity, and voices of strength. Those voices speak for those with no voice. One solo speaks of the voice of "the old and the fearful who hope for a new day." Another solo speaks of transition as we discover our true spirit and embrace it.

If you're in the area, come and see us sing.

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