Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I admit I can be lazy, but I at least leave my laziness at home. I drink tea at the office and make a big pot of it for the day. The department I work for provides coffee but you have to make it if you want it. They have three air pots and two coffeemakers, so it's not like you're going to run out of coffee if you keep making fresh pots. This morning I saw a woman (I want to say girl but she is adult-sized, so I'll be nice) try to get a cup of coffee from one of the air pots and found it was empty. She tried to get a cup from the other air pot, succeeded, then walked away. At the time, a pot of decaf was brewing, but the other maker was available. Now wouldn't it be nice to your fellow co-workers to take a few minutes to start a fresh pot? Most think they don't have the time. If you have the time to leave your desk for a cup of coffee, you have time to make a fresh pot. So do the nice thing. I did. Even though I don't drink the office swill.

Shawl progress

I had time last night to work on the Rose Trellis shawl and put in another life line. I'm up to 39 stitches per repeat and the next pattern line is more involved than previous lines, so I'm keeping it at home and working on socks at work. I still have the Submarine socks (I'm on sock two) and I have some Lana Grossa striping sock yarn. They and the shawl will most likely be traveling with me

Happy birthday, Steph!

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