Monday, June 12, 2006

Have you ever done this?

Take the current year and subtract five years from it. Then note what you were doing that year. It can be insightful. Or it can be depressing. So here's mine.

2001 - Had my first real relationship with another person. It confirmed my liking for women over men. It was also my first real sexual experience and I haven't been the same since (BEG)

1996 - Parted ways permanently with my best friend from high school. She had a mental breakdown and I had stepped in to help her, but the relationship was growing destructive for both of us. I chose to break ties with her completely, but it felt like I was going through divorce.

1991 - Started work at the company I'm currently with after a year of working temporary jobs.

1986 - I was promoted to apprentice grocery clerk and moved out of my parents' house.

1981 - Freshman and sophomore year in college. Had a roommate picked out by Housing. She had no tact but learned that arrangements can be worked through. Met Cat and Maggie, who introduced me to alcohol and letting go of my childhood.

1976 - Freshman year in high school and the Bicentennial. Was glad to be out of the hell of grade school (our schools didn't have middle school at the time) and made a few friends, only to dump them in favor of my best friend from grade school who ended up being my best friend in high school (see year 1996)

1971 - Rode down to California to visit my eldest brother who lived outside of San Diego. Dad had an Buick Electra 225 two-door with a back seat that could hold my sister and I and a full sized Coleman cooler. Spent one strange evening with a Mexican family while my parents and sister went to see "The Governor and J.J." at CBS Studios. The eldest boy of the family entertained me with drawing pictures of different characters like Frankenstein.

1966 - I attended nursery school at Westminster Presbyterian. Several who attended class with me ended up going to grade school with me as well.

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