Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hawi dreams II

Sunday's flight was uneventful. They showed "Eight Alone", the movie about the huskies left behind in the Antarctic after an expeditioner had an accident and had to be airlifted out. I didn't opt for the audio, so it was a silent distraction. Next to me at my right, a woman was playing "Pulp Fiction" on her laptop. Another woman was asleep in the seat at my left. So I was in the middle, stuck with keeping myself occupied for nearly 5 hours. It wasn't entirely unproductive. Because there were few audio distractions, I was able to get to row 43 of the Rosebud Shawl.

True to form, I decided that the middle portion of the shawl would have no rose medallions. This is to make my life bearable because it seems that every row I've worked I've had some sort of error. I could have ripped back to repair that glitch but I opted not to. This is one panel of 4 that I'm working. It looks like a twist, doesn't it? If you don't see it, then it's not a problem.

Back to the traveling.

Why are there no clocks in airports? In every airport I've been at in the last couple of years there have been NO clocks. I don't wear a watch (all the batteries in my watches are dead) and I don't have a cellphone, so I have no means of telling the time unless I carry my travel alarm with me. So at the Portland airport I'm sitting waiting for my flight with no means of telling when we were going to leave. It was frustrating because I knew I was there in plenty of time but would I have time to grab a cup of coffee? Would I have a chance to use the restroom? Can I go get a newspaper?

Alicia met me at the Kailua-Kona airport and a marvelous meeting it was. I was lei'd with a lovely lei of red and white orchids and one made of black ribbon, novelty yarn, and fun fur. The drive back on the west side of the island was startling because I was expecting lush greenery all around and saw nothing but prairie, brush, and ancient lava flows. It's due to the mountains catching most of the rain coming in, which I saw as we rounded the northern point of the island.

At the house, I presented Norma her socks, which she put on immediately. I then brought out my BIG suitcase full of goodies from the folks of the GLBT ListServe and Alicia was like a kid at Christmas. There was roving from Ted, JoVE, and Brenda; yarn from Emily, SamDuck, Ray, and Jean; books from SamDuck and Witt; Feed n Wax from Brenda; the Rubbah Slippah Mystery, a handspindle and roving from me; a swift from Unka Lou.* In return, Alicia gave me merino roving and mohair boucle yarn she will never use (way too warm for their climate!) and laceweight yarns that are too fine for her to handle.

It was a three hour difference between Hawi and Portland and by 7 pm their time I was exhausted. I went to my bed at the Kohala River Inn and dreamt wondrous dreams.

Coming up: flowers and foliage and lava, oh my!

*If I missed anyone, please accept my apologies!

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