Sunday, August 02, 2009

I'm pumped. I'm excited. I'm rarin' to pieces. Why? Sock Summit is this week. I've arranged to take the days off as well as the following Monday from work. It's exciting that the Summit is happening in Portland instead of one of the larger cities. I have plenty planned for the days -- volunteer work at the Summit, helping fellow fiber artists sell their wares, hanging with my spinning and knitting pals. I hope to have enough energy to record it all here. In the meantime I've been working on a sample sock and pattern for Susan and Gail at Abstract Fibers. You'll find Arbor Rose at their booth.

Heat recovery

I survived our heat wave pretty well for the most part, taking refuge in my house. The cats, unlike me, were really enjoying getting cooked outside. I'd come home from work and find furry pancakes on the back porch. They'd come in, eat a little, drink a little, and insist on returning to the heat. Well, considering that during the winter they prefer to sit on the register when the heat comes on it's understandable, but all that fur. Ugh.

Tour de Fleece -- The numbers are in!

I sat down and calculated how much yarn I spun up from the Icelandic fleeces. These are the final numbers. I'll be able to make my jacket!:

Tour de Fleece Icelandic Fleece

1361.1 yds, 2 ply, 10-12 wpp

Upcoming projects

I've been looking over my projects that I have coming up --an alpaca scarf; a dog sweater; spinning up the Earth Angel fiber-- and wondering what else I need to get done. One thing that has been sitting on the WIP pile for a while is the Kauni sweater. I've been stuck on the gussets of the sleeves and the body but I've worked so much on it that it would be a shame to leave it dormant. So between obligations I'll be working on it.


PNWBookGirl said...

Congratulations on all that fiber! I also heard you're a whiz at the skein winder from Gail. That Kauni sweater is pretty and shouldn't sit idly by. ;-) Think of how gorgeous it will be to wear this fall/winter?

Sharon Rose said...

Oh yes,. get to work on that gorgeous sweater! What pattern is that?