Sunday, August 16, 2009

Post Sock Summit Blues

I took Monday off to recover from Sock Summit but I gotta tell ya I was not ready to go back to work. The four days of playing with fiber made work so blah in comparison. It was fun looking at the swag the Wednesday knitters brought to knit night and compare experiences. One thing that I added to the swag show was completed laceweight yarn spun during SSo9.

Laceweight Blue Faced Leicester

StitchJones "Earth Angel"

710 yds, 18 wpi

This was split in half lengthwise, then the first half spun in the color order of the roving, followed by the second half having its colors split up so that there were long stretches of color. The two were then plied together.

I leave you with a few peaceful pics from a day jaunt to the beach.


PNWBookGirl said...

I need a day at the beach - with my dogs and the boys. Must make sure to do that before summer is over....

Vtknitboy said...

pretty lace! do u have a project in mind?