Sunday, August 23, 2009

Quiet weekend

Not much to post about the past week. Most of it was the usual go to work/come home/go to work/come home/go to work/go to knit night/come home/go to work/come home/go to work/come home. Part of it is coping with health issues that are draining me of energy. Those are being addressed. The rest is just making preparations for the next big event, Oregon Flock and Fiber, which is at the end of next month. I have plans, oh do I have plans.

I finished the Arbor Rose socks for Gail and she's very pleased with them. I'm thinking I'll be altering the pattern when I get around to doing the next draft. I'm thinking that the number of repeats of the pattern are making the foot too wide. I'm also thinking that it would be better with a solid instead of with a multicolored yarn to bring out the lace more. Socks need to have negative ease to fit properly and I think I made them too loose. If nothing else they're good samples for Susan to display at her booth or bedsocks.

I did some spinning experimentation with some fiber I had purchased some time ago. It was tricolored BFL and the first part of it I spun up along the color repeats, thinking that I'll break up the color and do the second ply in long colors. I decided not to go that route. The first singles are sitting waiting to be plied up and the unspun fiber is sitting waiting for inspiration. I set it aside for Abstract Fiber's BFL in colorway Hydrangea, which is black, purple, and fuchsia. The first bobbinful flew off my fingers yesterday (4 oz packed on there). The second bobbin's just started today. It's very pretty, colors a goth grrl would just love. (pix will be forthcoming when daylight and my camera are in the same place)

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Jennie said...

Ooh, no photos? That sounds gorgeous. I did some good spinning yesterday, too!