Friday, August 07, 2009

Day Two: World Record

I have to say that the past months of fighting my allergies have taken their toll. I'm dog tired, though I imagine not as much as the staff of Sock Summit who have been running back and forth with their tasks. Pretty close though, and they're in much better shape than I.

My first task for the day was to help out with the world record attempt staged for noon. I used my superpower -- my voice that can carry a mile -- to notify knitters coming up to participate to "have your ticket filled out! Have stitches cast on your straight needles!" for the deal was that in order to qualify for the world record, every knitter had to knit on two straight needles continuously for fifteen minutes. Each knitter had to be documented on a ticket that could not be photocopied. By the time my legs gave out we were really close to ready.

We were pumped! We were excited! We were ready! Stephanie gave the required spiel to confirm that we were following the rules, then we were off! We could chatter as long as we knitted continuously. And we knit. And we purled. And we knit and purled some more. After what seemed an interminable time we were told we have a few minutes more left. The witnesses (City Commissioner Randy Leonard and Margie Boule' to name a couple) came back to the front of the ballroom we were gathered in, then "Stop!" We raised a huge cheer.

What was I knitting? I knit on Laurelwood Palm #4's some lovely Briar Rose Fibers wool bamboo. The garter stitch I produced was scrumptious. I must get more but not now. Later, after SOAR.

My second task of the day was covering the conference store, ringing up purchases of books, t-shirts, and other souvenirs of the event. It went very well, but I could feel the exhaustion of the day catching up to me. Another volunteer came to relieve and I leaped at the opportunity. I stayed to meet up with some of my fellow Internet listers for a drink but I was very tired by the end. Awntie was very sweet and gave me a lift home instead of my taking the train back.

So now I'm home waiting for my dinner to cook (it's nearly done). I have some lovely swag that I will share with you later. I was party and part of making a new world record. I'm feeling very proud.

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pdxknitterati said...

Thanks for helping! I had fun being part of the big knit event!