Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The one good thing for heat like this

is that it dries washed yarn like nothing else. We don't get weather like this very often -- maybe once in a couple years or so -- but we don't deal well with it. I'm talking 100 degree weather for several days. It turns people into zombies, then grumps, then ticking time bombs. And since a good number of folks don't have air conditioning here in Rose City the chance of trouble in the usual places is increased. Fortunately I don't live in one of those places so I'm safe. Yesterday the plied yarn was washed and hung out on the back porch to dry. In weather that maybe got up to the 80's it took a good two days to dry. Today it's taking maybe 24 hours. Even better, I can view them from the interior of my nice cool house. I won't be getting up as Grumperella tomorrow.

For my other PDX buddies who don't have AC, I hope you find a cool place to spend the next few nights. It's gonna be tough.

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Rachel said...

And you can cook eggs on the sidewalk too!