Saturday, July 04, 2009

Spinners, start your whorls!

This year I've decided to join Le Tour de Fleece challenge now that I'm feeling more capable of producing even yarn. My challenge is to spin up this:

This is 4 pounds of Icelandic fleece from the trip earlier this year to the Schultz's farm. It's going to be spun into worsted weight on my Louet S10 from today through July 26th. Insane? Perhaps. But fat yarn uses up fiber faster than thin yarn. Insane would be making fingering weight from all this fiber. This will make a great jacket for the colder weather for the yarn will most likely be woolen and fluff up in the process.

Prior to this I was enjoying the opportunity to use a friend's Journey Wheel. I had a bump of Romeldale subtly dyed up in orange, yellow, and pink that I called the Cantaloupe. I used it to try out the Journey Wheel and packed the entire bump (over 80 grams) onto the bobbin. If you've never spun on the Journey Wheel and get the opportunity to spin on one, I highly recommend that before you open the box that you read the manual that's on the Bosworth's website. When I received the wheel, it had a super strong draw and was on the fastest whorl. Adjustments on the drive belt in addition to the brake belt on the bobbin solved that problem.

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