Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wild Wednesday

We don't get many thunderstorms around here and usually they're pretty mild compared to some of the storms experienced in Tornado Alley and the Midwest. Today however we got several storms through the area, some with hail the size of marbles. When you're used to baby pea size hail, marble size can be a bit disconcerting. With that storm came winds that blew off a lot of dead flowers and leaves off the trees. The streets were a mess on the way home.

It was nice to come home to a long-expected box from these folks. The Sunday of knitting camp had a trip there where I succumbed to the siren call of the pottery. I came away with a few items but they were going to be too heavy to take with me on the plane, so I had them shipped. So it was a treat to find these all lovingly wrapped in bubble wrap.

A butter ramekin, measuring 1/2 cup.

A cup from the Monroe Salt Works of Maine.

A porcelain dish in turquoise glaze (the flash didn't work this time - sorry), perfect for holding little items like stitch markers and yarn needles.

A heart-shaped baking dish for macaroni and cheese.

The cats were curious of course about the box. Maisie was fascinated with the yards of paper stuffing and had to check it out.


Jeri said...

Really lovely purchases, Duffy! I love the irises on that mug.And the cat in the box pic is priceless. Thanks for the great memories.

Jbeeky said...

I love, love, love Monroe Salt Works! Every year I go to Portland, Maine or thereabouts and every year I buy one salt works item. You have great taste.