Sunday, May 06, 2007

Daemons and Love

I've read the book this movie was based on, so I was curious as to what their program would create for me as a daemon. I'm very pleased with what it came up for me. What's your daemon?

Choir retreat

During a term the choir goes on a weekend retreat to work on the music of the term and do some bonding. Usually there's a no-talent show where folks perform different things: dance; poetry; skits; songs. This term we decided to go do karaoke at a pizza place in the town we were staying in. For the families who had brought their kids I'm sure they'll be talking about that evening for a while. Some folks did songs on their own and the choir did "True Colors". I chose to do "Me and Mrs Jones." It's a soulful song that speaks of an affair with a married woman. I gave it a special perspective without changing a word.

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