Monday, May 28, 2007

Remembering the fallen

The origins of Memorial Day (US) are like many old traditions muddied by time. It was originally observed on May 30th when those who had fallen in wars great and small were honored for their duty. The US Government's liking for orderliness moved the official observation to the last Monday of May. It's now considered for some the first holiday of summer.

While many think it is a time for getting out of town to go party after a dull winter (the weekend has the highest percentage of auto accidents due to alcohol according to AAA), let's not forget those who have given their lives in military service. I don't agree with this administration's policies regarding Iraq, but I respect those who have chosen to join the armed forces. For some it's tradition; for others it's a way out of poverty. Some see it as a way of getting money for further education and some have their own reasons unknown to all but themselves. Regardless of the reason, when someone goes out and puts their life on the line to do a job they deserve the respect of those they have left behind.

Here's wishing to you and yours a safe Memorial Day.

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