Saturday, May 19, 2007

The mighty office killer

One of these appeared under a desk at the office yesterday and caused all sorts of havoc. "Is it a centipede or a millipede?" "What is it?" "I don't care it's under my desk get rid of it get rid of it!!"

It never ceases to amaze me how a small fast-moving creature with lots of legs can turn an adult human being into a terrified bundle of protoplasm. One of the guys tried to find it under the desk but it had skittered away to safety. It reappeared next to a wall nearby, causing havoc all over again. They were going to spray it with hair spray then crush it. I saw it sitting very still and asked for a paper towel. "You're not going to spray it?"

"No. Give me a paper towel."

Paper towel was duly handed over. The centipede didn't move. I bent down and crushed the creature with the towel, making sure I had fully surrounded it. "Okay. It's been taken care of. We can go back to work now."

I'm sure I'll hear from people who think that bugs are creepy. Yep; they are. I don't like cockroaches and I think silverfish are nasty. But it's an old building and you're gonna get bugs. Then there are those who say, "You should have captured it and taken it outside." This wasn't an option. I didn't have a container for it that could hold it until I could get it outside (outside is a good couple minutes walk).

I'm of the school of least disruption. If you find a bug at your desk that's freaking you out, shut up and kill it or quietly tell someone to come over and kill it. Or capture it and show it later. The whole office doesn't need to know about it.

Six Feet Under

I know I'm late in the parade for this but I don't have HBO and it's not being shown on the other channels I can get. I had heard of it and was intrigued but of course had to wait for it to be on DVD to see it. So am I hooked? I've finished Season One and put the rest of the seasons in my Netflix queue to drop in sequence for the next...oh couple of months or so. If you have no idea what to get for me as a gift, a set of "Six Feet Under" would put you in my "People Who Are Worthy Enough to Get Fancy Sweaters" category. One season would be a vest-worth. Two would be an Icelandic type yoke sweater's worth. And the entire series would be a personally designed Fair Isle. And yes boys, David is a hottie. And I want to adopt Clair as the baby sister I can lead down the path to uniqueness.


I've been working on the Rogue sweater for my friend Linda until yesterday (the color of the pic is too dark; the yarn actually looks like this (it's the eighth pic down)). A week of heavy computer work combined with a sticky yarn for knitting took their toll on my right hand, making me take time off from any knitting. It's been difficult to be away from the needles. I have to have something in my hands to stay settled when I'm sitting still. I've been thinking of doing another Clapotis, this time with a summery yarn. I opted for this in color Denim and hope to get another skein or two eventually.


Jeanne said...

Oh, man, I LOVE Six Feet Under! I don't have HBO either, but I saw the majority of the series on Bravo. It's not quite as cool, I imagine, with all the Bleeps and Freaking's rather than the real cussing, but I love it anyway. I came late to that party as well as QAF, but I was only fashionably late to the L Word.

Mel said...

I really enjoyed the first couple seasons of SFU, but the last few seasons just got too emotionally intense for me. I couldn't get through an episode.

Sharon Rose said...

I loved the first few seasons, too. I found the last few too weepy and melodramatic for me. You should prolly stop watching when you start to get bored.

Get Netflix, and if you haven't rented them already, queue Deadwood, Carnivale, Dead Like Me, and Rome. The only bad part is that knitting is nearly impossible unless you're working on a supersimple stitch. :)