Monday, April 30, 2007

By request

The Bunny has asked that I post more detailed pictures of my purchases. I'll at least post a few samples and not the whole shebang. I definitely blew my Stash Bust 2007 pledge on this one but I just could not resist. And for some of the purchases I'm supporting small business. So there.

Some folks brought yarn to buy and some were gifts.

Left to right: Alpaca from Alpaca With A Twist (enough for a shawl); leftover fingering weight from Green Mountain Spinnery (enough for a shawl); undyed recycled sari silk from India (hand delivered by Joy; thank you!)(to be dyed to go with the other sari silk I have on hand).

Laceweight (enough for a shawl) and Sock yarn (a pair each) from Knitivity.

For the spinners, Barbara brought fiber. The yarn in the center is my first handspun from a handspindle, coaxed and encouraged by Barbara and Fudge's guidance.

Top row: Angora/Wool/Nylon fingering (enough for a shawl). Bottom row: Wool (enough to make a cabled sweater).

Baby yarn for a few baby sweaters.

Sock yarn for 3 pair of socks (the upper left two skeins make one pair).

Wool light worsted weight (enough for a Rogue sweater for my office buddy Linda).

Did she or didn't she?

Ted had to read my post on camp 4 times to see if I really did give blood. Yes, I did. I didn't intend to but on Thursday when I was with Ann and her daughter Grace one of the things they were going to do was donate blood. A drive was going on that day and the previous day (they don't have an open blood bank like larger cities do). It was a spur of the moment decision but it had been since before my surgery that I had given blood (I donate regularly), so I thought I'd give something to the community. I got a bit of teasing but I gave it back, regaling my nurse with my rendition of "Home On the Range":

Oh put me in a home where the catatonic roam

And the beer and the canteloupe play.

Where seldom is heard a coherent word

And the coffee's not cloudy all day.

Home, home of the strange,

Where the beer and the canteloupe play.

Where seldom is heard a coherent word

And the coffee's not cloudy all day.

The nurse thought he was hearing things so I had to sing it twice. I didn't sing it very loudly the first time. So I really did need that beer at Madison's. Gotta replenish those fluids. I must say though that the volunteers at the drive were very generous with the food for the donors. It was the first time I could get a sandwich (egg salad or chicken salad or a pbj) for replenishment purposes. So if they need a pint again, they can give me a call any time. I'm sure I'm not going to be forgotten with that crew.


TheBunny said...

Mmmmm! Delicious haul!

Kellie said...

Hi FiberQat: I just read your post at Yarn Harlot and, after a good laugh, had to check you out. I love blogs with lots of pictures! Lushous! (did i spell that right?)
Checked out your profile and laughed again ("first get a bottle of wine"haha)
thanks for the laugh!