Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Saturday

Saturday's the day I have for relaxing and doing things for myself. I run errands sometimes and do chores, but mostly the day is for being mellow and treating myself after a work week.

We were told it was going to be sunny, but it turned out to be rainy instead. It didn't stop the trees from continuing their spring bloom or Buster starting his morning patrols.

Sammy was a bit more cautious, preferring to watch the world from the porch before ducking back in the house for a bit of breakfast.

In the meantime, I have NPR on and catch up on email and blogs while having a bit of breakfast.

Awake and ready for the day, I head out with the hula girls in the Bright Red Bug to Vancouver and knitting time at Unraveled. Politics and fiber news will be discussed and friends with newborns will stop by.

Lunchtime arrives and I return to my neighborhood to get a bite. I'm going there more regularly to catch up on neighborhood news and keep Craig and Inka going as the construction hurt their business.

It's mentioned that palm trees have been planted in front of the Hollywood Theater. Palm trees are a rare sight here in River City, but these will add to the Hollywood's ambiance and not obstruct the theater as much as the maples that had been there before.

Sated, I repair back to Chez Runamuck for a bit of reading and an afternoon snooze.

Sunday is first choir rehearsal. The evening starts with my preparing the music packets for the singers.

Evening continues with dinner then settling in for another knitting session. This time it's completing the new baby sweater pattern for the Baby Shower project.

Good night!

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