Friday, April 27, 2007

Thanks for the tip Gary

Gary, a fellow Rose City inhabitant and master of finding treasures at Goodwill and other thrift outlets, tipped us Portlanders to a spinning wheel he found in a GW in Vancouver. The price was worth checking it out because wheels often cost over $200 for anything in decent shape. It turned out to be in good shape; only missing a drive band. It appears to be from a kit because no wheel craftsman would have left the gaps in the wheel's whorl joins or excess glue on the surface. The outside rim of the whorl was also painted over so I have a feeling the person who had this was a novice. It's scotch tension, two ratios, single treadle with a lazy kate. The workings run smoothly but I'll have it tuned up some time at Woodland Woolworks to make sure that the bearings are good. I have no idea who the manufacturer is because it's not marked with a manufacturer's mark. It's not an Ashford, that I know.

Any ideas? I've already named her Goody Wheel.


Jennie said...

Holy wow, that looks like a nice wheel! Well done!

I love the name. Love it!

Sharon Rose said...

Sweet! I love wheel rescues. :)

FiberQat said...

It's a Baynes wheel from New Zealand. Here's their website: I suspect that it was purchased fifteen or twenty years ago.