Monday, April 16, 2007

Something to talk about

So is there something to talk about here? Not really. I'll leave the controversial topics with other bloggers who can handle criticism with deftness and wit. I'll stick with what I know. The shootings at Virginia Tech were awful. No need to add more to that.

Last Sunday was Confluence's first rehearsal for their Pride concert the first weekend of June. I was expecting the usual music distribution questions and first rehearsal silliness. I didn't expect to be asked to switch sections. I usually sing tenor, but this term Ray the director asked me to sing soprano. On bended knee. With that "Please please please please please?" look on his face. It was so precious. I couldn't say no. Even if I can't hit the high E and F which run on and on in some of the songs. I will sing for you Ray. I will. I will practice and practice until I can hit those notes. Because you're simply fabulous. Never mind that during practice my throat would close on those notes with a "H*** no!" I will sing for you, my director!

This week I'll be heading east to go cavort amongst the fibers with my fellow GLBT knitters from the list. I've met a few here and there but this time we'll have a good sized group for knitting, sharing, and generally putting faces to familiar names. I'll be reacquainting myself with Jeri and Jo, who've I've met on previous trips east, so that promises to be wonderful. We have a fun group assembled with some distant travelers joining us. Once I return I'll share the adventure.

I got the package for my Army nephew sent off Friday. I had put all his goodies in an box but the post office wouldn't accept it. The clerk was very nice and explained that it would be more cost effective for me to use one of their flat rate boxes, which was just right. I only hope it gets to him.

Have a good week!

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Ted said...

Have a great time at Camp ! Take pictures. We expect a full report.