Saturday, July 15, 2006

Thanks for the words of support. I'm doing much better now. I'll be glad when I'm through with menopause and my emotions aren't so whacked.

Good news! Earlier this week I saw an ad on Craigslist for a Schwinn Airdyne. Normally these run around $700 new but this was only fifty bucks. Score!! It runs beautifully and other than the computer no longer working is in excellent condition. So now I have something to work out on and try to get rid of my surplus avoirdupois.

Next weekend I'll be joining the troops in a family reunion up at my brother Grant's in Spokane. While we are there we'll be celebrating our eldest sister Pam's 70th birthday. She collects angels, so I'm making an angel for her from this. I just have to do the head, then I can starch the bjeezus out of the parts.

It's Stitch n Bitch night at Unraveled. I'll be taking my Tasha Tudor shawl to work on the edge. I've had it sitting here since last year and Maisie thinks it makes the most wonderful cat bed. But I have one more edge of the border to do. I should finish it don't you think?

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JoVE said...

I remember you making angels from that book a couple of xmases ago. It sounds perfect. I come from a smaller family so I think it must be odd having a sister turn 70 when we are not really anywhere near that sort of age. Hope it is a good party/get together.