Sunday, July 30, 2006

One year

A year ago I decided to start journaling my journey through fiber online. It has been an interesting journey. I have readers but few commenters. I'm not as erudite as some bloggers but that's okay. This way I can share with you (and maybe inspire a few) to try something new instead of the same ole thing. Thank you for taking a peek at this nutty knitter's ramblings and giving a few words of encouragement. I'll be there to enable you to go beyond the plain.

The scarf and poncho phenomena have worked their way out of the hearts of the weekend knitter, leaving those folks wondering if it's worth taking the time to try different knitted things.


Get out there and talk with your local yarn store folks. Browse through the magazines (Interweave Knits this quarter has a great issue out. Even if they're beyond your skill level they're inspiring.) Check out books from your library if you have access. Surf the Internet. Read more blogs. Listen to podcasts. The beautiful thing about knitting is that it has so much potential for one to express one's creativity.


M-H said...

Happy blog birthday Duffster!

Jennie said...

Happy Blogiversary! I have to say, my interests have sure spread/changed over the past year. From basic sweaters to socks to lace and maybe soon to fair isle...!

BigAlice said...

Happy anniversary! I just found you so, hi! Thanks for your blog!