Tuesday, July 11, 2006


The day is almost over. Did you have a lousy day? Commisserate with me then.

I started out the day with an upsetting email. I won't go into the details because the details don't need to be aired to the public. But it left me upset and feeling like a piece of sh82.

My doctor's appointment was today to check on my glucose alcohol level and my cholesterol. The glucose level was fine for being pre-diabetic. My cholesterol was through the roof. After all the work I did to alter my eating habits. This added to my feeling like a piece of sh82.

I went and had xrays of my knees in preparation for my visit with the knee surgeon. The consultation was short, but I spent an hour at his office, mostly waiting. Now I'm a pissed piece of sh82.

I go to my car and find that security has given me a ticket as an employee for parking in a non-employee spot in the parking structure. I storm to security to protest. I was told that if I had left a note on my dash, I would have not had the ticket. I'm an annoyed piece of sh82 who's also late for work thanks to the surgeon. (BTW I don't have to have surgery; just cortisone shots which will make me fat and physical therapy)

Work goes well. I get my work done and leave to go home. At the door of the building, security informs us that there was a bank robbery in the neighborhood and the police have cordoned off the area in search of the perp. So I take off to get groceries. I mean, what the hell, I need to get some stuff and figure by the time I'm done, they'll have the perp and I can go home. An hour later I head back and end up stuck two blocks at home. Turns out the perp is holed up in a van across the street from my house! WTF! I can't go home! Here I was, ready to go home to end the day with comfort food, bad tv, and my cats and I can't get there!

Well, I have a car full of groceries that I have to deal with. Where could I go? I could go back to the office, but I'd rather not. I would normally go to Ruth's but she's in the same predicament. I don't have a cell phone to call ahead, so I take the chance and head for Don and Bo's. No luck. They aren't home. I then think about going to Reid's, taking the chance that he's not seeing a client. Bingo! He's surprised to see me but very cordial. I also got a chance to meet Andrew, a friend of his, briefly before he takes off. I beg refuge and Reid takes me and my perishables in. He fed me home-cooked spaghetti and heard my tale of woe. By the time we were ready to watch a movie, the helicopters had stopped flying overhead and it was time to go home.

I got home in time to see the cops and FBI finishing up and all the neighbors outside comparing the experience with each other. Ruth was able to take pictures of the whole event while she was holed up in the basement. I was able to get into the house, fetch Buster from outside, and get my groceries in. No one was hurt.

So how was your day?

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Rhonda said...

Good Lord, what a day YOU had. I can't imagine having a worse one!

Oh you don't know me, but I noticed you have an Id picture a lot like mine, so I stopped by to visit. Hope you're days are looking up ...