Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Basic silliness in the wake of soul review

I had a reminder that sometimes one can go flitting around in life with only one's thoughts and forget that there are obligations that must be met. Sometimes when those obligations are not met, people are hurt and misunderstandings occur. This morning I had one of those moments of feeling really guilty of being selfish and thoughtless in my actions and feeling very remorseful. I am not alone in this world and what I do affects others. It made me more conscious and resolute in doing my best in keeping my promises. Too many people go around being thoughtless and don't care to improve their behavior. I don't want to be one of them.

Goofy Sh82

I'm in one of those silly moods that comes after a moment of clarity. Usually it manifests itself in alliteration or weird observations. Like penultimate purveyor of paisley pants or Have you observed that in a lavatory when two people start washing their hands at the same time it's like a game of chicken to see who stops washing their hands first? What's your goofy sh82?


I'm working on a seat cushion cover in Classic Elite Weekend Cotton. So far it's coming out well (the pattern is in my head). Someone's probably has this out there as a pattern but I didn't want to hunt around. This was a break from the Rose Trellis: a quick project using *gasp* stash yarn. I hope I have enough....gulp!....since it's discontinued and the only yarn I have left besides the remainder of the blue skeins is some ivory. And I've put myself on a yarn-buying freeze.

Fourth of what?

Independence Day was spent working on cleaning up the house a little and keeping the cats indoors while people shot off their fireworks. I had neighbors shooting off what sounded like mortars behind me, but because of the trees I could see nothing. It was just as well as I was engrossed in a "Dirty Jobs" marathon (one of the few TV shows I watch regularly). Made cleaning up my clutter a much cleaner job to perform. Maisie spent the evening under the bed as the fireworks went into high gear and Sammy and Buster were anxious but relatively calm. Occasionally they'd climb into my lap for some kittylove, then they'd find a secluded corner nearby to sit and wait for things to calm down. After 11 pm, it was blissfully silent, which I thought it was due to my neighbors being considerate but learned later that it was due to an ordinance with a stiff fine for violators. It gets my thumbs up.

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