Thursday, April 27, 2006

Phooey on it!

Switching gears

Let's see. I leave for Hawaii in 50 days. The RSM Part Deux is not yet halfway done. And here I am working on the BSJ so that I can do some calculating later for the RSM. The BSJ is being ornery. Terrible twos. Crankilicious. Dope slapping me to tell me "PUT ME DOWN! You have a more important project you must do!"

I get stubborn. I will conquer you, you damn thing. I don't care if I have to mark every five friggin' stitches to get it right, I will win!

Then I remember that next week is May and time is precious. "You have plenty of time!" I hear. No I don't. You don't know what I'm doing. You don't know my plans, dear, because it's a mystery! If Miz LizzardLipz finds out it will ruin the surprise. I can tell you it will involve sock yarn--some self-striping, some solid--to make some nice things and some naughty things.

So I set the BSJ aside, lovely Tedster colors and all, and pick up the RSM again. Tiny needles, click click click....

Shout it from the hilltops!

Mel and I succeeded in piqueing Don's curiosity with the Wikipedia birthday meme. Glad to be an enabler. Interesting choice of items, too. Try it yourself.

Who's Queen Bitch?

Miss Maisie of course. Eldest of the cats, Princess of the front window pad, and purveyor of Attitude. Sammy's been home for two days, but Maisie has been giving her the Royal Bitch treatment. Miss M usually stays in the house during the day, but she's taken to going outside just so that she doesn't have to share with her. She's even hissed at me a couple of times. Buster wisely just stays out of her way. But I'm bigger than she and if there's one Empress of Chez Runamuck it is moi.

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