Saturday, April 29, 2006


I am FiberQat!
Hear me purrrl!!


JoVE said...

Have you been hanging around with Franlin a bit too long? :-)

That's a great cartoon. Maybe that needs to go on the sidebar.

Sharon Rose said...


Tallguy said...

Great pic!! So true to life! hahaha

Don't you just love the BSJ?? I think it is the coolest thing -- so easy to do, and what a great surprise when you are done! It's absolutely the most amazing thing!

Well, okay, so you don't see it quite that way, but I had fun doing it. I did mine in about 5 days... but I had to work couple of those days, so that's why it took so long. I really want to do another one... maybe I should start now, and get it done over the weekend?!! Sorry to hear that you had a few mishaps with it.

Oh, I don't like dentists!! Wonder what they will think if I take MY knitting in with me! LOL