Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Let me hear you say ARRRGH!!!

Never go blithely along the EZ garden path without knowing how to count.

I made that mistake. The BSJ requires you to count. Not measure. Count. Most patterns have you measure. EZ makes you count. Count stitches. Count ridges. Count increases. It's a different mindset from most patterns I've encountered. So the mindset I usually have during a pattern is during the points where you're heading toward the next step I'm mindlessly knitting along in pattern, doing my increases where I'm supposed to and changing yarns to make the nice striping effect. I had even placed markers to show what number increase I'm at so that it's easier to figure out how many increases I have to go because I have to do. Then I get to the line where it says, "At 152 stitches, SHAPE NECK by casting off 5 stitches at the beginning of the next two rows." So I count.

I have 184 stitches. What the---?!

I thought I had calculated this correctly. I was certain there were supposed to be 12 increases. I go back and calculate and there were supposed to be 7. Okay, everybody say it:


Rip rip rip rip rip rip rip rip rip......... And I wanted to do this why? Nope I'm not going to let this defeat me. I got out the safety pins and placed them at 10 stitch intervals between rippings. Okay, I'm at 176 stitches.........164.........156 oh thank gawdess two more rows......152!

It was bedtime. The brain was exhausted. Save it for tomorrow.

1 comment:

Ted said...

That'll teach you to count.

Not that...of course...I've ever not counted and had to rip, you understand.