Sunday, April 30, 2006

Like a moth to a candle

I went to my LYS with the intention of just working on the RSM. But Lisa had received a shipment from Blue Heron Yarns and when I saw this I was stricken with desire. It was so delicious that I stood in front of it for several minutes just stroking and admiring the color. I looked at the label. Egyptian mercerized cotton 1000 yards. That's enough for a smallish shawl. My eye spotted another bit of purple and to my delight it was another skein of the color. Two thousand yards. Enough for a large shawl. Mmmmmm. It was irresistable.

Like an angel I fell. I fell for purple yarn.

Guilty? Nah. See what I can make from it? Or this. Or this.

First things first. I must finish the RSM before I take on lace of this caliber. Time to get out the teeny needles.


JoVE said...

I can see why that stuff walked home with you. I would have had a hard time resisting, too. Naughty you for putting pdf links with no warning though.

Jeri said...

O! Gorgeous color! oh! And, really, that Kiri shawl seems to be too perfect ( I find I went to save it, and it is already in my saved file. Twice. LOL...someday)
You have lovely taste, Duffy. Meow.

WesWhiner said...

Lovely, just lovely. Not being a fan of triangular shawls, I'd go with the Rose Trellis.


Gail Sullivan said...

I am also crazy for Blue Heron Egyptian mercerized cotton but can't find it online. My local yarn shop had a few but they want $40 per skein. I'm eager to find it for less. I've tried ebay but no luck. Any suggestions are much appreciated.